Blue filter antireflective coating, is an add on to your lenses.
New lenses need to be made with this coating built into the lenses.
This add on, is over and above the anti-scratch and transition add ons.

R500 discount per pair of lenses, on all generic and premium antireflective blue filter coatings for stock lenses and surfaced lenses.

Please note you can’t remove this coating once it’s on.

The difference between the premium coating and the generic coating is:
PREMIUM COATING – lenses are from Germany – they scratch less and are easier to clean, with a 2 year warrantee against the coating from peeling.
GENERIC COATING– lenses are from Korea, they scratch easier and are harder to clean with no warrantee.
BOTH lenses reduce the blue light reflecting specifically off digital devices.
The quality of your vision with the PREMIUM coating is better.

OUR LENSES are from: HOYA AND SEIKO LABS , and we also offer RAYBAN blue filter LENSES on all Rayban frames.