Save on blue filter lenses

Are you frustrated with your bifocals/reading glasses?
Are your eyes tired? Does your neck hurt?

We have the solution for you!
Computer progressive lenses are known as Office lenses – these have both intermediate & near correction lenses. Suitable for people who work on a computer, on their phones or on paper. They are intended to provide clear vision for up to 2m, alleviate visual fatigue, Improve posture and
therefore less back and neck strain.

What is this difference between Multifocal, Bifocal or Reader glasses?

Have distance up to 6m, intermediate and near correction.
The intermediate and near zones are much smaller and narrower making
it harder to find the “sweet spot” on your lenses.

These have distance up to 6m and near correction and have
no intermediate correction at all.

Readers have near correction, they are limited to one focal distance
that is clear.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should make
office progressives your second pair of glasses:

1. Enjoy clearer computer vision.

2. Get BlueFilter digital protection

3. Cut down on neck & back strain.

4. You can use your current prescription

5. Have fun with added style options

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